Tundra Swans flock to north Lambton

Tundra Swans arrive in North Lambton. February 22, 2017 (Photo courtesy of Lambton Heritage Museum Assistant Alec Moore)

The tundra swans are now on full display near Lambton Heritage Museum.

Education Program Coordinator Colleen Inglis says flocks of the majestic birds arrived Thursday.

“There were just 15 or so when I first looked but then a couple of hours later there were several hundred and now I think there’s several thousand,” said Inglis. “People have been in all day for March break programming but they’ve also been able to go out and see the swans.”

The Return of the Swans Festival is in full flight, running until April 12.

The Thedford Bog area is used by the swans each year as a resting and feeding ground along their migratory route from the U.S. east coast to the Canadian Arctic.