Crime Stoppers raising awareness about human trafficking

Human trafficking (Photo courtesy of Sarnia-Lambton Crime Stoppers)

Human trafficking is a growing problem across the country, even here.

Over the month of March, Sarnia-Lambton Crime Stoppers is raising awareness about human trafficking, what it is, the signs and the victims.

Coordinator Les Jones said human trafficking is the the recruitment, transportation, harbouring and or exercising control over a person’s movements.

It’s everywhere and it can be employment too, restaurants, nail shops, any place where people are forced into servitude,” said Jones. “Whether it’s for employment, sexual matter or drug running, so it has a lot of different faces. They’ve had cases in Sarnia.”

The Coalition Against Human Trafficking Sarnia-Lambton said 55 per cent of youth met their trafficker via text, website or social media.

The coalition said the average age of a Canadian sex trafficking victim is 14-years-old.