Goderich salt mine and train. (BlackburnNews.com file photo)

City still has adequate salt supply for icy roads

After three ice storms in as many weeks, the City of Sarnia still has enough road salt on hand to battle two more events.

Superintendent of Roads Tony D’Agostini said so far they’ve had no issues with salt supply.

“We have plans in place if we do run short or if we’re having trouble getting it,” said D’Agostini. “We have a backup plan which we can use as a second supplier, so, to date we’ve been good so far.”

He said the city’s normal supply comes from Goderich and the backup would come from Windsor.

Sarnia shares its Compass Minerals contract with the County of Lambton.

D’Agostini said the city uses on average 5,000 tons of salt each year.

He said once the supply gets low they’ll reorder and stockpile it again.

Some local hardware stores have been struggling to keep road salt on the shelves with all the ice this month.