Occupational and Physiotherapy program at Lambton

Photo courtesy of www.shs.uwo.ca

A new health program at Lambton College, set to debut this fall, is already receiving widespread attention from local health professionals.

The new Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant program, developed in collaboration with Bluewater Health, will teach students how to assist clients in achieving their health goals.

Dean of Health Mary Jane Comiskey said students will train in a brand new lab in the college’s soon-to-be-opened NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre.

Comiskey said the lab, built specifically for the new program, will be outfitted with equipment that is currently used in the field.

“We’re developing and advancing our programming so that it prepares students to match skills that are really required in the industry,” said Comiskey. “Health programs are constantly evolving, so it’s really important that we keep the communication open and that we create meaningful opportunities for experiential learning for our students.”

Comiskey said the lab simulates what an actual institutional outpatient therapy type setting looks and feels like, which will allow students to make a seamless transition into the workforce.

She said the development of the two-year program wouldn’t be possible without partners like Bluewater Health.

For more information on the program, visit lambtoncollege.ca/opta.