SWOSSA Tennis action from the Sarnia Tennis Club. Oct. 18, 2016 (photo by Jake Jeffrey)

Tennis club courts city for break on fees

The Sarnia Tennis Club is concerned about the rapidly escalating fees it pays the province for land behind the jail.

The club rents property for its clubhouse and three of its tennis courts, and pays the city to use land for its three other courts, in Brentwood Park.

Board President Shamel Hosni says the province has indicated that it’s willing to discuss transferring the land to the city.

He wants the city to pursue those negotiations and will pitch the plans to city council on Monday.

Mayor Mike Bradley thinks it’s a reasonable request for the city to become involved.

“They’ve been a long time group in this community going back decades, and decades, and what they’re looking for is the city’s support to deal with the province on those tennis courts and hopefully to bring down the cost to their use, but also to look at a long term relationship and I think that’s a good thing,” said Bradley.

The tennis club has been located at Errol Road and Christina Street for 90 years.

The non-profit organization has over 300 members — which pay for the facilities and activities through their fees.

The land was originally transferred from the city to the county, which transferred it to the province, to build the Sarnia jail in 1961.