City councillor floats idea of river toll

St.Clair River. file photo.

What do you think about paying a toll to travel past Sarnia on the St. Clair River?

City Councillor Mike Stark wants to know who has the navigable rights.

“Do we own the navigable rights to the river as a result of our ownership of the harbour,” Stark asked staff at a recent council meeting. “If yes, have we investigated how far downriver toward Wallaceburg they extend.”

If the city does have the rights, he wants to know if any consideration has been given to monetize those rights.

“I know this is going to raise some eyebrows. But, a toll system similar to toll roads in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] comes to mind.”

He said it could really benefit future development.

“There are tremendous opportunities in terms of the establishment of a business opportunity as it relates to the oversize load corridor dockage.”

Council has asked that staff report back on their findings within six months.