The Welcome to Grand Bend sign on Grand Bend Line. August 9, 2018. (Photo by Colin Gowdy, BlackburnNews)

Lambton Shores mayor strikes cautious tone about casino

The mayor of Lambton Shores and Lambton County’s warden is striking a cautious tone about a proposed casino near Grand Bend.

Bill Weber said Wednesday there have only been brief conversations so far with the municipality of South Huron.

He said he’s hoping for public consultation.

“They have reached out to talk to us about what they’re proposing, so at this time I don’t have a lot of comment,” said Weber. “There is a process, I’m not really up to speed on what it is to attract a casino to a community, I hope there is public consultation, there are issues that come with casinos that I hope can be addressed prior to moving forward.”

Weber conceded a casino near their boundary in the “Grand Bend catchment area” would create spinoff economic benefits for Lambton Shores.

South Huron council has identified a preferred site between Dark Horse Winery and Huron Country Playhouse.

CAO Dan Best said that’s a big step forward.

“That allows us to reach out to our neighbouring municipalities such as Lambton Shores,” said Best. “Because we want to look at this as an overall coordinated process and be very strategic in terms of the benefits from an economic development perspective.”

Best said they now have to notify Gateway Casinos of their chosen location and look at any zoning implications.

-With files from Melanie Irwin and Bob Montgomery