Temporary layoffs at Waterville TG

Waterville T G Petrolia site on Discovery Line. (Photo from google maps)

Waterville TG has confirmed that it has temporarily laid off 32 unionized workers at its Petrolia plant.

The layoff notices were issued between early December 2018 and January 2019.

News of the layoffs first came out in mid-December, but the company just confirmed the report on Friday.

The company says that due to the cyclical nature of the automotive industry, the facility is facing the planned completion of several programs, as well as changes to customer volumes which have required corresponding manpower reductions.

It’s looking into whether further reductions will be necessary.

Waterville TG says while it recognizes and regrets the impact of these measures on its employees, it believes they are essential in the current situation and in the best interest of the future sustainability of the company.

Despite these layoffs, Waterville TG Inc.’s Petrolia Plant continues to employ over 600 people.