Funding prospects for next year’s Celebration dim

Celebration of Lights' display in Sarnia. 2018. (Photo from the Celebration of Lights' website)

Sarnia’s Celebration of Lights is burning bright again this year, but there’s concern about keeping the lights on next year.

Board member Cathie Blake-Baker said they’re having trouble raising the $23,000 needed.

They’re about $8,000 short, but a Go Fund Me drive with a goal of $10,000 is helping bridge the gap.

She said they’ll have to cut back if the funds aren’t there.

“We might have cut out some things like the opening ceremonies or something else, but we’ll always try to put the lights up,” said Blake-Baker.

The funds are needed to pay for insurance, road closures, repairs, upgrading of displays, the fireworks and the opening ceremonies.

The Celebration of Lights took a one-year hiatus in 2016 due to a lack of funding and volunteers.

This is the event’s 34th year.