Safer crossings on Howard Watson Nature Trail

A pedestrian crossover on Michigan Avenue near Blackwell Road. November 10, 2018. (Photo by the City of Sarnia)

It’s a little easier now to cross three busy Sarnia streets while hiking along the Howard Watson Nature Trail.

Sarnia Development and Transportation Manager David Jackson said they’ve installed pedestrian crossovers at Wellington Road near Clearwater Arena, at Michigan Avenue near Blackwell Road and at Modeland Road near Cathcart Boulevard.

The crossings at Michigan Avenue and Wellington Street include flashing lights. Motorists are required by law to stop when pedestrians indicate they want to cross.

Jackson said you’ll still have to have your wits about you when crossing Exmouth Street west of Lambton Mall Road.

“In the 2019 budget we’ve proposed to complete a study to look at the extension of Rapids Parkway,” said Jackson. “We want to wait until that study is completed next year to determine if we should wait until the Rapids Parkway is extended with a full traffic signal installed there. If the study determines that that will be a few years out, then we would look at doing something in the interim.”

The crossings are being funded in part by Bluewater Trails Committee, the provincial government, and the Huron Grove Foundation.