Noisy boiler work continues at NOVA

NOVA Chemicals Corunna Site. File photo submitted by NOVA Chemicals.

NOVA Chemicals continued commissioning its new gas-fired boiler at its Corunna site Tuesday.

Company spokesperson Meaghan Lawrence said there will be some noise.

“This builds on the work we began in November, and includes slowly increasing the equipment temperature and venting steam from the unit,” said Lawrence in a taped message on the Community Awareness and Emergency Response Line. “Steam venting produces noise, and noise levels are expected to increase periodically throughout the day as commissioning activities progress.”

Lawrence said the process will take place weekdays only, between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. and is expected to end the week of December 17.

She said it will continue after the holidays, during the weeks of January 7 and January 14.

“In an effort to reduce the impact of our activities, NOVA Chemicals is taking proactive steps such as erecting sound barriers, and we’ll be completing sound monitoring in and around the area during commissioning activities,” said Lawrence.

The major strategic project will bring the facility’s boiler complement up to four and is part of NOVA Chemicals’ significant ongoing investment in its St. Clair Township-based operations.