Bio-Industrial Park entrance off of Vidal St. S. ( File Photo by Briana Carnegie)

Bringing BioAmber back will take time

The company taking over the idle BioAmber bio-succinic acid plant says it will likely focus on different products once the facility comes back online.

LCY Biosciences, a company formed by Visolis and LCY Group, recently bought the Sarnia plant for $4.34 million as part of a court ordered liquidation process.

Plant Manager Trevor MacLeod said the plant will likely be idle for six months to a year.

He said succinic-acid could still be produced, but the company’s main focus is on other bio-chemicals.

“The facility here was purposefully built to make succinic-acid,” said MacLeod. “So, it’s very unlikely that a new chemical that we put in here would use all of the exact same equipment. There will be some retrofitting required to put in any kind of new product here.”

Before closing due to bankruptcy, BioAmber which opened in 2015 at a cost of $140 million, employed 60 workers.

There are three workers on site maintaining the facility in a shutdown state, and LCY hopes to hire 30 to 60 employees once production ramps up.

Bankruptcy monitor, PricewaterhouseCoopers has reported the Vidal Street South plant lost about $320 million dollars before shutting down earlier this year.