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Police urge residents to be scam savvy

Sarnia police are warning residents about a phone scam that targets credit card holders.

A woman recently reported getting a call from a man claiming to represent her credit card company.

The caller said there was suspicious activity on the woman’s account and he needed her credit card number to cancel it.

The woman did not provide the information.

Constable John Sottosanti said don’t hand out personal information to strangers on the phone, and ask questions.

“Even if you think it’s the bank contacting you, you’re best deal is to contact your actual bank, go in speak to the person that you know at the bank, and ask them what’s going on here. Almost 100 per cent of the time they’re going to tell you it’s a fraud. So ask questions because nothing is so urgent that it has to be dealt with at the moment with that person.”

Anyone who believes they’ve been victimized by a scam should contact police. Anyone who has been targeted but not victimized can make a report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.