Win-lose situation for Lambton farmers

Kevin Marriott with the Grain Farmers of Lambton said soybean yields will be among the top three of all time with 90 per cent of the crop in the bins.

“The yields were exceptional,” said Marriott. “Despite the ups and downs of the summer, we ended up with a really good yield, as high as 70 bushels per acre.”

Corn, however, is a different story.

“Probably only about 25 per cent is off at this point. The problem is Vomitoxin. It’s the highest in history. There’s a lot of corn that has to be destroyed that’s left in the fields,” said Marriott.

Vomitoxin is a type of ear mould that makes corn inedible for both humans and livestock. Marriott said it was caused by wet weather in late August and September.