Petrolia Mayor John McCharles. July 18, 2018. (Photo provided to BlackburnNews by John McCharles)

Petrolia mayor proposes downsizing town council

The mayor of Petrolia feels the size of town council should be reduced.

John McCharles has served notice of motion.

“I made the motion to reduce the size of council from seven to five,” said McCharles. “It’s something I’ve thought about for some time and I think other councils are thinking about it as well, especially with what’s taking place in Toronto.”

McCharles, who is not seeking reelection, said council will debate the motion at its meeting October 9.

If adopted, the change would apply to the next municipal election in 2022, saving the town about $35,000 a year.

McCharles says half of the 444 municipalities in Ontario have five councillors with the larger councils generally in cities, regions and counties.