The Canadian Coast Guard Bell 429 helicopter assigned to Great Lakes and Arctic operations. September 6, 2018. (Photo courtesy of CCG)

New Canadian Coast Guard helicopter lands at London air show

One of the Canadian Coast Guard’s newest helicopters is on display this weekend in London.

Spokesperson Carol Launderville said a Bell 429 chopper is at the London air show which begins on Friday. She said they are in use most days of the year across the country.

“Their primary function is aids to navigation, so this is how we maintain communication sites and check for marine oil pollution on waterways when necessary,” she said. “They’re also used, for instance, here in the Sarnia area on the St.Clair River for ice monitoring, and support to government of Canada science programs.”

Launderville said on rare occasions the helicopter is used for search and rescue missions.

In the last two years, the Coast Guard has purchased a few Bell 429’s at a cost of $7.5 million each.

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