Revolutionary Battery System Saves Sarnia Plant Millions

Convergent's Sarnia System (Company submitted photo Aug. 20,2018)

A new battery system is helping an unnamed Sarnia area petrochemical plant save up to $5-million on its annual hydro bill.

The largest “behind-the-meter” energy storage system in North America consists of six large lithium-ion batteries, with a 20 ft by 70 ft footprint.

Convergent Energy and Power Vice President of Project Development, Toby Tiktinsky, says the system can store up to 20 megawatts of power during off-peak times.

“It stores power at night when costs are low and there is plenty of excess energy,” says Tiktinsky. “Then we use it to discharge during peak grid times, the hottest days of the year for example when air conditioners are on high, driving up electricity consumption in Ontario. We charge the system at night and then discharge the power at peak times. That helps lower the costs for our customers while also lowering the impact on the grid.”

New York-based Convergent, the biggest operator of energy storage in the province, makes its money by taking a cut of the company’s savings.