Canada's Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale speaking in Sarnia. August 10, 2018. (Photo by Colin Gowdy, BlackburnNews)

All Of Canada Stands With Fallen Officers, Says Goodale

Canada’s Minister of Public Safety says all of Canada stands with the two brave Fredericton police officers who lost their lives protecting their community Friday.

Ralph Goodale, while in Sarnia at a federal building dedication, said he couldn’t comment on specifics of what happened in New Brunswick with the investigation in the early stages.

“I can’t comment on today’s events because they’re still so new and so raw,” said Goodale. “We’ll see where this investigation leads in terms of what exactly happened, who did it, what was the motivation for doing it, and the instruments of destruction that were used.”

Four people were killed in a shooting in a residential neighbourhood of Fredericton Friday morning, and multiple victims were being treated in hospital for injuries.

Among the dead are two police officers who were identified Friday as Robb Costello, 45, and Sarah Burns, 43.

Goodale said gun violence is being address by his government.

“Broadly speaking, the government of Canada has taken the issue of gun violence very seriously. We have brought forward new legislation, Bill C-71, that is intended to increase background checks, to improve the licence verification process to make sure that records are properly kept, and so forth.”

-With files from Dave Dentinger