Scam Defrauds Elderly Victim of Nearly $17K

(Photo submitted to by police)

Lambton OPP are warning residents, especially seniors, to beware of scams after an elderly person was defrauded of nearly $17,000.

Police say the fraudster calls the victim by telephone, claiming to represent the “Canadian Bureau Bank of Commerce.”

The victim is told their credit card has been compromised, and the person responsible has been arrested, but their help is needed in a follow-up “sting operation.”

The victim is then lured into buying several thousand dollars worth of iTunes and Steam video game cards, and asked to provide the cards’ activation numbers.

The fraudster convinces the victim that their investment will be returned once the “sting operation” is complete.

The investigation into the incident continues.

Police say these scam artists are known to target senior members of the community.

They urge residents to check in on seniors who may be vulnerable and to help educate them about these ruthless, shameless predators.

Further information can be found at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.