Sarnia City Councillor Matt Mitro ( file photo by Melanie Irwin)

Mitro Seeking Re-Election

Matt Mitro has officially filed his nomination papers for Sarnia City Council in advance of the October municipal election.

He was elected as a first-time councillor in 2014 and says many good things have happened over the past four years.

“We’ve solved a lot of problems, and we’ve really done a lot of work as far as the fiscal responsibility file. We’ve had two straight years of surplus, we’ve spent more on capital than ever in total amount,”┬ásays Mitro. “We’re doing a good job and I see a lot of positive things developing for Sarnia.”

Mitro believes it will be a smooth transition if he’s re-elected, noting it takes over a year to get a handle on things the first time around.

When asked about infighting within council, Mitro says a lot of it had to do with people not getting along with Mayor Mike Bradley, and some felt he wouldn’t engage with them.

“I don’t fight with my colleagues in the majority,” he says. “This infighting, unfortunately, the entirety almost of council was not getting along with the mayor. It wasn’t because of anything we did, it was the mayor’s choice not to engage, unfortunately. It’s one of the saddest things about last term, and I have no desire for that to be the case.”

The election is being held on October 22. Candidates have until 2pm on Friday to file nomination papers.