It took an elaborate effort to rescue this young raccoon stuck in a Canatara Park tree Sunday June 10, 2018 ( photo by Dave Dentinger)

Canatara Raccoon Rescue

Workers from the Sarnia and District Humane Society were involved in a unique rescue mission at Canatara Park on Sunday afternoon.

A baby raccoon, that was inside a nest in a tree, got its head stuck in a hole and was crying for help.

Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) agent Becky Knight was alerted to the situation by a co-worker.

She says her husband climbed up the 30 ft tree and spent four hours rescuing the animal.

“He tried to jam the little raccoon’s head back into the hole but was unsuccessful,” says Knight. “We had to go and get some tools and a tree harness to make sure he was safe in getting it out. He just chiselled it out a bit.”

Knight calls the situation “very rare” and is thankful they were alerted quickly.

She says the raccoon looked healthy after being rescued and was uninjured.

Knight says the momma raccoon was also in the nest at the time, and there could have been more babies as well.