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Wet May Affecting Local Farmers

It’s a critical time for area farmers who are still considering planting corn this spring.

Lambton Grains Committee delegate Kevin Marriott says if it doesn’t get in by next week, the crop will likely be switched to beans.

“Once you get into June, it’s risky to plant corn to have a successful harvest in the fall,” says Marriott.

He says it probably wouldn’t be “knee-high by the fourth of July.”

“Although, a year ago a lot of late corn went in and it didn’t look very good at the end of August, and then all of a sudden we were hotter in September than any time last year. It actually saved the crop,” says Marriott.

Marriott says wet fields have dominated coffee shop conversations between farmers this past month.

“Nobody likes a long, drawn out, wet, cold May like this has been. But, we’ve had them before and you can still have a successful growing season planting at this time of year, as long as the weather is right from here on in,” says Marriott.

He says winter wheat fields are looking really good compared to a month ago when farmers were pretty concerned about damage from water ponding on the fields.