Local Doctor Says Medical Marijuana Benefits Seniors

Dr. Blake Pearson speaks with members of Sarnia's Seaway Kiwanis club. April 24, 2018 (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

A local doctor conducting a medical marijuana therapy program with area seniors says the stigma surrounding its use is loosening up.

Dr. Blake Pearson is working with residents at Trillium Villa to see if improvements can be made to their quality of life. He told members of Sarnia’s Seaway Kiwanis club Tuesday that physicians are really starting to see the benefits with patients.

“It’s not the answer to everything, but there have been a few cases where there have been really good results in lowering their opioid doses and antipsychotics with cannabis oils,” says Pearson.

However, Dr. Pearson is cautiously optimistic about recreational use.

“I think recreationally and medicinally are two different things,” he says. “I really think the importance needs to be put on public education and awareness, when it applies to the workplace and when it applies to driving.”

It’s expected recreational marijuana use will become legal in Canada this summer.

“I don’t envy the police and decisions they’re going to have to make coming up,” says Pearson. “There’s going to be some tough judgement calls, because there isn’t a good way to identify impairment. So, roadside tests are going to become even more important.”

Dr. Pearson says he’s been working closely with the Sarnia Police Service to educate officers on signs of impairment as best as he can.