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Sign Free Boulevards

You won’t see election signs popping up along city streets and intersections this summer.

Sarnia council denied staff’s recommendation to place election signs on grass boulevards adjacent to city roads.

Councillor Brian White supported the city’s current approach.

“I don’t like signs, at all, they’re ugly, I limit the number I put out,” said White. “I’ve been to London during campaigns, sorry London I don’t want to pick on you, but it’s disgusting. Every vacant lot and Boulevard is littered and all that shows me is who’s got more money than they know what to do with responsibly.”

White said one thing he’s learned campaigning is if people support your ideas, they will proudly place your sign on their lawn.

“Some of them don’t even ask for a sign, they demand a sign,” White laughed. “I understand that, I appreciate that and I respect that.”

But councillor Matt Mitro, who requested the report reviewing the sign bylaw as it relates to the upcoming elections, still felt a change was needed.

“I was someone who used a lot of signs last election,” said Mitro. “The problem with this is, what exactly is a boulevard? What is city property? It’s not like it comes with lines painted or stakes put in and people who wish to be in compliance have no real idea if they’re putting a sign up in a different spot.”

Election signs will still be limited in size and only three signs will be allowed per property, something Mitro claims wasn’t enforced during the last election.

“There were sign gardens last time. There was way more than three signs per property, way more, and that’s going to happen again,” he said.

Signs for the 2018 municipal election can be placed, with permission, on private property from May 1 to October 31.