CANstruction 2018. Arlanxeo’s “ I cant believe I Skate the whole thing” (photo by Stephanie Chaves)

CANstruction Winners Announced (GALLERY)

Awards were handed out Sunday afternoon at Lambton Mall for this year’s CANstruction event.

Most cans used went to the Carpenters Union 1256 for their display of the AVRO aircraft using 5,858 cans.

LCCVI won the Junior Award and Structural Ingenuity went to NOVA Chemicals for their display.

Judges Favourite went to Arlanxeo’s “I Can’t Believe I SkATE the Whole Thing”.

SNC Lavalin walked away with two awards for Best Use of Theme and Best Meal for their display, which featured two Canadian Inventions, Superman and the IMAX theatre.

Other inventions brought to life at Lambton Mall included the goalie mask, basketball, the snowmobile and the gramophone.

Inn of the Good Shepherd Executive Director Myles Vanni says over 35,000 cans were used for this yearès event.

“Even though we may have a few less teams, some of the structures are significantly bigger,” says Vanni. “Five of the displays have over 4,000 cans so that’s really going to boost the amount of food that we’re going to be able to take back to the food bank.”

The creations will be on display until May 1.

Residents can still vote for their favourite for the People’s Choice Award until the end of the month.