Green Jobs Highlight Green Party Leader’s Visit To Sarnia-Lambton (GALLERY)

Green Party leader Mike Schreiner (left) and Green Party Sarnia-Lambton candidate Kevin Shaw (right) speak with Bio-Industrial research coordinator Stephen Reaume (middle). March 21, 2018. (Photo by Colin Gowdy, Blackburn News)

Ontario’s Green Party leader was pleased with what he saw when he paid a visit to Sarnia-Lambton on Wednesday.

Mike Schreiner, alongside Sarnia-Lambton Riding Green candidate Kevin Shaw, toured Bio-Industrial Innovation Canada (BIC) to see how local companies are leading the way in environmental initiatives.

One component of the party’s platform is investing in the jobs of the future, which Schreiner says was on full display during Wednesday’s tour at the Western Research Park on Modeland Rd.

“It’s time to leap into the future now because we want Ontario to be a global leader in the clean economy,” he says. “It’s going to be this kind of research and scaling up these kinds of companies that are going to make us a powerhouse in the clean economy, and create the jobs that we want to create.”

Schreiner is currently on his green vision tour which includes 20 stops across Ontario. He says a greener Ontario fits in nicely with the industries in the Sarnia-Lambton.

“It’s exciting to see the expertise that we have in the Sarnia-Lambton area being applied to things like bio-products,” says Schreiner. “People know we’re in a transition right now and they want to know that their skills are going to be relevant as we transition into that new economy. I think this shows that yes, these skills are relevant.”

Schreiner knows it’s unlikely he’ll become the next premier of the province, but he says he’ll be able to make a greater impact if he’s elected as an MPP from Guelph.

In 2014, Schreiner finished third in his riding with 10,181 votes. Liberal Liz Sandals took the election with more than double the votes.