90 Years Of Serving The Community

Rotary Club of Sarnia., March 2018. Submitted Photo.

At a time when many service organizations are having difficulty attracting members, the Rotary Club is celebrating 90 years in Sarnia.

President Mike Hurry says they’ve adapted over the years to adjust to the changing times.

“We’ve gone from one club to three clubs in the city, helping to form a breakfast club and an afternoon club to give people a choice,” says Hurry. “If they want to get involved in their community and be part of a service club, they have three different times throughout the week to do so.”

He’s also proud of fulfilling their mandate to help special needs children, playing a key role in the creation of Pathways Health Centre for Children in 1975.

“Originally, people may remember it was at one time called the Rotary Children’s Treatment Centre,” says Hurry. “We saw a need there that wasn’t being met so we reached out to help out kids that were struggling and need assistance. We recently provided $600,000 for a new addition to Pathways.”

The club donated $1-million towards the building of Bluewater Health’s new hospital and also supports St. Joseph’s Hospice, the YMCA, and the Inn of the Good Shepherd, among others.

Since its inception, Rotary International has contributed over $3-billion towards international projects as well.