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Sewer Project Allows For Bright’s Grove Growth

Work will begin this summer to increase sewage capacity in the Bright’s Grove area.

Operations Manager Bryan Prouse says it’s part of the city’s $45-million sewer upgrade project. The current system is already running at over-capacity.

“The new pumping station which will be located at the southeast corner of the Lakeshore Rd/Waterworks Rd. will be built, along with a new sewer along Waterworks Rd. north of Lakeshore, and a new force main along the Howard Watson Nature Trail heading east to the new treatment facility,” says Prouse. “The current system is at its maximum so this will allow more building to take place. Right now we’re struggling to keep up with the sewage being produced in Bright’s Grove. Problems aren’t being created by new development. We’re correcting a problem we have today before the new subdivision at the golf course is built.”

This phase of the project has a $3-million price tag.

Tenders will be let later in the spring with the work to begin in June.

The public has until March 14 to comment on the plan.