OPP Warning Of Fraudulent Cheque Scam

Another scam has surfaced in Lambton County and the OPP are reminding residents that nothing is ever free.

Police say a Plympton-Wyoming woman got a letter in the mail with an enclosed cheque.

The fraudster told the victim that she had won $600,000 in American funds based on a “cross-promotion” through her personal credit card purchases, past subscriptions and in-store purchases.

However, prior to claiming the prize, she was required to pay American taxes and processing fees. The enclosed cheque, which police say is always fraudulent, is to be used to cover the taxes and fees after they have been paid to the fraudster through the resident’s financial institution.

When the victim tries to cash the enclosed cheque in order to recoup the already paid taxes and fees, it doesn’t cash and the resident is “out” the amount they paid to the fraudster.

To make things even more lucrative, the fraudster requires the “prize winners” to call a long distance telephone number that causes the victims to pay extremely high long distance calling rates.

In the Plympton-Wyoming case, police say the woman was not victimized.

If you receive a letter advising you that you have won money, police urge you to consult with a trusted friend, banking institution, or local police.

You can also call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at 1-888-495-8501 or visit them online at www.antifraudcentre.ca.