Tundra Swans arrive in North Lambton. February 22, 2017 (Photo courtesy of Lambton Heritage Museum Assistant Alec Moore)

Swans Begin To Arrive In Grand Bend

The tundra swans have arrived in Grand Bend and the number of birds is growing by the day.

As of Thursday morning a few thousand of the swans were scattered across the Thedford Bog behind the Lambton Heritage Museum, up from 200 on Wednesday and around 50 the day before.

Museum Curator Laurie Webb says you can stay updated on when the rest of the swans fly in.

“I would imagine if they keep up we’ll probably see more in the next week or so,” she says. “If people want to keep an eye on our website, ReturnOfTheSwans.com, we post migration reports everyday with the number of swans on the bog.”

Over the past few years there hasn’t been as much water in the bog, which has resulted in fewer swans making the trip. But Webb says that could change in 2018.

“On a good year you can see up to 20,000 birds on the bog at a time,” she says. “We haven’t seen those numbers lately but this year there’s a lot more water in the bog, so it potentially could be a good year for swans.”

Each year the tundra swans migrate some 6,500 km from the US east coast to their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic.

They rest and feed for two or three weeks in the Thedford bog area.

The museum’s “Return of the Swans” festival will be held March 10 to March 18.