Snow squalls and whiteout conditions on Hwy. 402 near Strathroy, January 4, 2018. Submitted photo.

More 402 Signs Proposed Following January Snowstorm

The Township of Adelaide Metcalfe thinks overhead communication signs at exits along Hwy. 402 would benefit motorists heading into areas notorious for snow squall activity.

The municipality has asked the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to consider installing the signs to warn motorists about imminent weather events, poor road conditions and opened warming centres.

Mayor Kurtis Smith came up with the idea after this January’s snow storm, which saw the highway shut down for a number of days in the Strathroy area.

“When that happened, I started brainstorming and thinking about what can we do and what can the MTO do to prevent people getting stuck on the 402,” says Smith. “Travelling through Sarnia and seeing the digital communication signs, I thought, why not have those installed along the 402 to inform the travellers that there’s bad weather ahead and to exit the 402 or let them know if there’s a road closure.”

Smith says they’ve also asked the MTO to investigate installing digital speed limit signs, to reduce the speed for motorists travelling in inclement weather or through construction.

He says the signs, which can be seen along Interstate Highways in the United States, should decrease collisions.

Sarnia council endorsed the resolution at its meeting Monday.