Police Welcome Ban On Door To Door Sales

© Can Stock Photo / Bialasiewicz

Sarnia police are welcoming Ontario’s move to ban door to door sales effective March 1.

The goal is to protect consumers from aggressive and misleading sales pitches.

The new rules apply to things like air cleaners, furnaces, water heaters, and duct cleaning services.

Constable John Sottosanti says it’s been an issue in the city in the past. He’s hopeful this will alleviate community concerns.

“This legislation will help actually decrease the number of calls that the Sarnia Police Service has to respond to, and hopefully mitigate a lot of the headaches that people have to go through when having to deal with these people,” says Sottosanti. “Also, if individuals do show up at the door trying to sell something, automatically now that we have a law that will help us stop the person immediately and lay any applicable charges.”

Businesses will also be required to keep a record of how contact with the customer was made. They must be invited into a person’s home before entering into a contract.

Contracts will have a ten day “cooling off” period to allow consumers to cancel without penalty.

Ontario is the second Canadian province to restrict door to door sales.