Flooding at Bridgeview Park in Petrolia. February 21, 2018 (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Flood Warnings Issued Across The Region (VIDEO & GALLERY)

Both the St. Clair region and Ausable Bayfield conservation authorities issued flood warnings Wednesday morning due to heavy rain and snowmelt from record high temperatures.

The gates at the McKeough Dam were closed early Wednesday morning, for just the seventh time in 34 years, to divert water to the diversion channel.

The floodway located about 12 km north of Wallaceburg was completed in 1984 to reduce the threat of chronic flooding in the town.

Environment Canada ended its long-standing rainfall warning late Wednesday morning but St. Clair Region Conservation Authority spokesman Girish Sankar says up to 50 mm (2 inches) of rain has fallen in parts of the watershed.

“It’s a combination of urban flooding, riverine flooding and many other smaller floodings including minor ice jams that are happening at different creeks and watercourses,” says Sankar. “So it’s a combination, sort of all the worst case scenario put together.”

The Sydenham River spilled over its banks flooding roads in Wallaceburg near Lord Selkirk Bridge.

There is localized flooding at a handful of locations including Petrolia and Strathroy and several roads in St. Clair and Enniskillen townships have been closed.

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority says ice break-up on the Ausable River caused ice jam-related flooding in the Port Franks area near the marina.

Patrick St. is closed from both access points and more roads could be closed as officials monitor rising water levels.

Flooding of Mud Creek forced the closure of Outer Dr.

Many roads, including some major routes, are closed near the Thames River in London, Ont. as well.