Electric car (Photo courtesy of Bruce Power)

Petrolia Charging Ahead On Electric Vehicles

The town of Petrolia says it’s ahead of the curve when it comes to electric vehicle technology.

It’s partnering with Koben Systems Inc. and Bluewater Power to install a pair of charging stations in the municipal parking lot in April.

Mayor John McCharles says the “level two” stations will be located just east of Victoria Hall, and can fully charge a vehicle within two hours.

“It’s probably the future for transportation,” says McCharles. “There are maybe not that many vehicles right now that are electric, but it certainly is the coming thing. I think it may even help attract people to Petrolia because we have charging stations.”

McCharles says some of the installation costs are being covered through a grant from the Ontario Transportation Ministry.

A report to council said operating costs would be $113.75 monthly.

The town will be on the hook for paying for hydro, which depends on use.