Rally at Lambton College. October 27, 2017 (Photo by Colin Gowdy)

College Faculty Wants To Resume Bargaining, But Another Strike Unlikely

The college strike ended in December, but negotiations may resume.

The union representing the 12,000 college faculty workers wants to return to the bargaining table with the College Employer Council.

Despite this news, OPSEU Local 125 President Ryan Gibbs says Lambton students shouldn’t be worried about another work stoppage anytime soon.

“This is a legal process that’s going to take time to work through,” says Gibbs. “There’s no immediate concern or threat of a strike.”

The five week strike ended in November after the province passed the back-to-work legislation, but the union is saying the legislation was unconsistutional and it violated workers rights.

Gibbs says after the strike ended, faculty members at Lambton were still looking for answers.

“This has been quite a process and I think because of the work legislation things don’t seem too resolved.”

Back in the fall, the arbitrator gave faculty members a 7.75% increase over the next four years and also included new language in the deal regarding academic freedom for teachers.