Gus Pantazis. file photo.

Fat Tuesday At Global Donuts In Sarnia

It’s one of the busiest days of the year at Global Donuts.

Fat Tuesday means they’ll be selling thousands of paczkis, and owner Gus Pantazis says they’re especially busy this year.

He expects to sell over 20,000 of the deep fried, sugar coated, fruit-filled pastries.

He adds they’ve also been hard at work making Valentine’s Day donuts.

“Some people suggested just doing the paczkis, and said we couldn’t do both,” says Pantazis. “I said, come on romance ain’t dead. So, we insist on making both, we’ll have both paczkis and Valentine’s donuts on Ash Wednesday.”

There are ten different flavours of paczkis, including apple, raspberry, custard, and prune.

Paczkis are eaten as part of the Shrove Tuesday feast in advance of 40 days of Lent which begins Wednesday.