Trillium Villa. Photo courtesy of Aaron Zimmer Feb 5, 2018

Medical Marijuana Therapy Program To Help Seniors

Two local doctors want to see if medicinal marijuana can improve the quality of life for residents at Trillium Villa.

Dr. Blake Pearson has closed his family physician practice and is concentrating on cannabinoid medicine, working with medicinal marijuana.

He’s working with Trillium’s attending physician Dr. John O’Mahony identifying residents who could benefit from the holistic treatment.

“In my clinic daily, I see the benefits of THC and CBD, and in a continuing care facility we see patients suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders,dementia-related anxiety, I think it’s a natural fit to try it out and hopefully reduce some of the poly-pharmacy going on in those types of settings,” says Dr. Pearson.

Residents and their families who decide to try the therapy will have to order it themselves but the oil-based form will not make them high.

“We’re going to go in and introduce dosing slowly, using one to two milligrams of THC or CBD, with the hopes of getting good results and slowly weaning patients off some of their other medications,” says Dr. Pearson.