Plympton-Wyoming Public School construction. January 18, 2018 (Photo by Aaron Zimmer)

Construction Nearing Completion At Wyoming School

Construction of the Plympton-Wyoming Public School on Thames St. in Wyoming is expected to be done in February or March.

Lambton Kent District School Board Superintendent Gary Girardi says they’ve been making great progress on the school, which will consolidate students from South Plympton and Wyoming Public Schools in September.

“We’ve completed sidewalks and curbing in the entrance area,” says Girardi. “We’ve completed a significant amount of prepping for the paving of parking lots. Windows have been installed in the gym. We’ve completed the sidewalk to the daycare. We’ve been painting in unoccupied spaces within the school. Significant work has been done on the gym stage, flooring and stairs to the area, as well as work on the main entrance.”

He says they continue to work with the community and the transition committee to look at ways to bring the school communities together and efforts are underway to celebrate the history and culture of both former schools.

The LKDSB received $3.7-million from the province to create new classrooms, a daycare and a gymnasium, and provided $2-million of its own money for further improvements including heating and cooling upgrades and classroom enhancements.