Boating congestion at Bright's Grove Beach. Photo provided by Kim Lichty via. Sarnia City Council agenda.

Safety Concerns At Bright’s Grove Beach

A Bright’s Grove resident wants to make the public beach in the grove more enjoyable for everyone to use.

Kim Lichty told city council Monday she has serious concerns about the beach, but hopes to find a solution that works for boaters, beach goers and swimmers.

“I’m hoping to have a solution implemented to address the boating congestion, pollution and safety at the Bright’s Grove public beach, Kenwick park area shoreline,” Lichty said.

She said the safety of children playing and swimming is compromised by boats and Sea-Doo traffic and that swimmers in the deeper water are at risk of being hit by passing vessels.

Lichty said dense fumes above the water surface are unpleasant to smell, and says a gasoline oil slick on the water surface also diminishes the joy of swimming.

She said she’s reached out to the OPP and Transport Canada already.

“The OPP said they’re happy to do random patrols of the area this summer, but inform me that boats have no restrictions of travel,” said Lichty. “Transport Canada Boating Safety has two solutions. Solution one is place white buoys individually anchored with no ropes and the second one is a designated swimming area and it takes about six months to put into place.”

She says if there was a designated swimming area, the buoys could be roped to keep the boats out of the area.

Sarnia council has asked staff to discuss the matter with the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority and Transport Canada and report back as soon as possible.