Renovations at Lambton Heritage Museum. Photo submitted by Laurie Webb.

Renos Completed At Lambton Heritage Museum

The Lambton Heritage Museum will reopen its doors Monday.

The museum closed up shop back in the fall for renovations, and everything is on track and on budget for a February 5 reopening date.

A big part of the reno included a new compact shelving system.

Although it may not sound all that exciting, Curator Laurie Webb says it will let visitors basically see everything the museum has to offer.

“It’s going to allow the collection to be accessible to the public, so they’ll be able to see what we have in storage as well,” says Webb. “I think the public will enjoy that and the community will really get a sense of what it is we have in our collection beyond what we have on display.”

Another big component of the upgrade was a new HVAC system that will allow for better climate control at the site. As well, there’s a reconfigured front entrance, better lighting, and a new walkway and patio area.