Lambton College hosted its 24th annual Pow Wow Thursday. April 7, 2016 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)

LKDSB Adds Indigenous Student Trustee Position

Indigenous students will be represented by one of their own at Lambton Kent District School Board meetings this fall.

An Indigenous student trustee position is being added in the 2018-2019 school year.

School board Chair Elizabeth Hudie says a motion first brought to the board’s attention in November by student trustee Evan Rodgers, was passed unanimously.

“Our rationale is that we’re privileged to have student trustees that are so dedicated to their position,” says Hudie. “I think to have a knowledgeable, respectful and dedicated Indigenous trustee will be wonderful for our board.”

Senior Administration recommended that Indigenous secondary students elect the new trustee position. Currently, 6% of the student population is Indigenous.

The LKDSB is the second school board in the area to create the new position– the Thames Valley School Board in London was the first.