Sarnia Transit Murphy Rd. Bus Terminal. photo by Melanie Irwin.

Sarnia Transit Teams Up With Google

Sarnia Transit users could soon have an easier time getting around the city, thanks to a partnership with Google.

The city is working with the tech company to implement a Google Transit Live feed that will track each bus in real time.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says it’s a great idea.

“Many communities have moved in this direction, and we should too,” says Bradley. “It gives the consumer of the transit service the opportunity to know where the bus is and when it’s going to be there. If you think of the last few weeks, with the very difficult weather we’ve had with the cold, this helps the public. I think it also moves the transit service ahead when it comes to customer service.”

Residents will be able to access the information with Google Maps. It’s expected to be put in place in the first quarter of this year.

Sarnia council will be asked to endorse the agreements with Google at its meeting on Monday.