A joint is rolled during 4/20 at London's Victoria Park, April 20, 2016. (Photo by Kirk Dickinson)

Mayor Continues Push For Pot Pardons

Sarnia’s mayor is continuing the fight to have criminal records cleared for those convicted of simple cannabis possession charges.

The drug is set to become legal this July, and Mike Bradley believes pardons should come with that.

Mike Bradley wrote a letter to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on the issue and isn’t satisfied with the response.

“Basically he said that they might look at this down the road,” says Bradley. “I think as they implement legalization, they should recognize that in the past people have been convicted and have criminal records for very simple possession, and that should be erased from their background. Many people can go on with their lives but, the reality is, it’s an ink stain on your personal life.”

In his reply, Goodale notes that people are able to apply for record suspensions five years after their sentence ends.

Bradley calls that process a long, expensive, and torturous one.

He says he’s getting conflicting messages from the government. Former Toronto Police Chief turned MP Bill Blair, who is the point man on the issue, has said pardons would be considered.

Bradley says he’ll keep putting the pressure on the government to make the right decision.