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High Demand For Local Child Care

If you’re good with kids, Lambton Rural Child Care needs your help.

The agency is searching for people that are interested in becoming licensed child care providers in Sarnia-Lambton.

Right now, there are several families on the waiting list, hoping to take advantage of services for children up to age 12.

Home Visitor Sue Hollingsworth says parents will be peace of mind by choosing a licensed provider.

“We are licensed by the Ministry of Education,” says Hollingsworth. “You know that everything your child is doing and experiencing has been approved by the agency and also by the ministry. When you are in an unregulated environment, there’s never a guarantee that things are safe and up to par.”

Hollingsworth says there’s a strict screening process in place which includes a police check and home inspection.

Licensed child care providers are eligable for $20 per day under the Wage Enhancement Grant from the Ontario Government.

That’s in addition to funding provided by Lambton Rural Child Care.

Those interested can call Sue at 1-800-265-0257 ext. 24.