A Tanker Rolled Over On Highway 402 - Dec 14/17 (Photo Courtesy of OPP Via Periscope)

UPDATE: Eastbound 402 At Nauvoo Rd. Reopened After Crash

The eastbound lanes of Hwy. 402 in the Watford area were closed until 1am Friday after two transport trucks hit the ditch Thursday morning.

A tanker carrying propane and another truck with a box trailer slid off the snow packed, icy roadway just east of Nauvoo Rd. and tipped on their sides.

Lambton OPP Constable Chris Doupe says the two vehicles did not collide, but it’s believed the lead vehicle left the road causing the one following to lose control.

“The roads were in poor condition in relation to ice and snow coverage,” says Doupe. “I’ve got to tell you, on my way to Petrolia I was travelling 80 km/h in a 100 km/h zone, which to me was safe. I had two vehicles pass me, and I have to be blunt here… both of them were tractor trailers.”

The investigation continues, and police are again urging motorists to adjust to winter conditions and slow down.

Police responded at around 10am.

There was no leakage from the propane tanker. The driver was treated on scene for minor injuries, and the other driver was not injured.