Blackburn Radio Hosts ‘Live’ Drinking And Driving Demo

Sarnia Police Constables discuss impaired driving with The CHOK Breakfast Club. Dec. 13, 2017. (Photo by Colin Gowdy)

Blackburn Radio’s morning show hosts tested their impaired driving skills in studio Wednesday morning.

They drank alcohol under the supervision of Sarnia police and then got behind a virtual car simulator — none of them made it too far.

The experience was a first for K106.3’s Max Major.

“Having to stare down the barrel of a breathalyzer when you know you’ve been drinking, and there’s an officer in front you, is the most horrifying thing,” says Major. “And I was in a controlled environment with a ride arranged home, and I’m drinking under his supervision and it’s still the scariest thing.”

Constable Shawn Urban says getting behind the wheel impaired by alcohol, or drugs, isn’t a risk worth taking.

“First offense is a minimum fine of $1,000, and you lose your license for 90 days once you’re charged” says Urban. “Once convicted, you lose your license for a full year, then in order to get it back, you have to take the Back-On-Track course, which costs about $700.”

Urban says officers are already out conducting holiday RIDE programs.

But, officers can’t be everywhere at once, so other motorists who suspect impaired drivers are always encouraged to call 911 and report them.