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Food Costs Skyrocket Locally

According to the results of Lambton Public Health’s “Nutritious Food Basket” survey, it costs $894 a month to feed a family of four a healthy diet in Lambton County.

Registered Dietitian Connie VanBellinghen says that represents about a 21% increase since 2009.

“When we look at income, for a family of four receiving Ontario Works, that family of four will have $435 left over at the end of the month after they’ve paid for rent and food,” says VanBellinghen.

She says that money doesn’t go very far to cover other expenses including transportation, telephone, household and personal care items, medication, childcare, school supplies and clothing.

VanBellinghen says staff use the information to advocate for income related policies that address the cause of food insecurity, because it’s really the lack of money.

She says the information also helps support policies and programs that improve access to healthy food and educate people about poverty and hunger.