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Reconnecting Parents And Teens

Parents can sometimes find it challenging to connect with teens, and Lambton Public Health is trying to make it easier.

The first of a three-phase campaign called Make The Connection focuses on helping parents understand the teenage brain.

Health Promoter Lisa Clark says it’s important to ensure teens keep their brains healthy.

“A teen’s brain develops until the age of 25, the parts of the brain that deal with reasoning and decision-making develop last and the parts that deal with emotion develop first,” says Clark. “We felt is was important to provide educational opportunities to the community and parents to learn how normal development affects attitudes and behaviours.”

The free sessions are being held Tuesday, November 28 at 4pm and 7pm at the Lambton College Residence and Event Centre.

The guest speaker will be Garfield Gini-Newman, a social studies lecturer at the University of Toronto.

For more information, and to register, go to www.lambtonhealth.on.ca.