Rotary Club Trip of the Month Poster. Photo courtesy of

Win A Ticket To Paradise

If you’re looking to plan a much needed vacation, the Rotary Club of Sarnia may have your ticket to paradise.

The 3rd annual ‘Trip of the Month Club’ draw is now underway, and organizers are hoping it’s another successful campaign.

“This is something that raises between $35,000-40,000 per year,” says spokesperson Mike Elliott. “At the end of this year, we’re hoping to have raised over $100,000.”

The three rotary clubs of Sarnia are still determining where the proceeds will go, but in years past, Bluewater Health, Pathways, YMCA SWO, Dow Centre for Youth and many other organizations have benefited from the campaign.

Some of the top prizes include trips to Europe, the Caribbean, and a couple of cruises. This year’s winners will have the choice between the traditional all included trip, and a more exotic trip where you find your own way there. They’ll have also have the option of a $3,000 trip, a $2,000 travel voucher or a $1,500 cash prize.

Tickets are $100 and they can be purchased at, from the 120 rotary club members in the community, and at various locations across the city. Every ticket purchased will enter you into all 12 monthly draws in 2018.

Only 1,000 will be printed, and those who purchase their tickets before December 1, will be entered in an early bird cash draw for $1,000 on the same day.