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Support For Lambton College Students

As the faculty strike continues at Ontario Community Colleges, Lambton College is stressing that they have no plans to cancel the semester.

Communications Director Cindy Buchanan says they’ve been working on contingency plans for when the students do return, although they wont know the details until the strike is over.

She says they will have additional support in place for students once classes eventually resume.

“The college has plans to extend student services like tutoring and library hours, and will be ready to support students inside and outside the classroom to ensure their successful completion of the semester,” she says.

Buchanan says no student at an Ontario college has ever lost a semester because of a strike, and they hope to continue that statistic.

She says could be extended into the exam period if necessary, but stresses the holiday break from December 23 until January 1 will not be impacted.

The college is hosting a student information forum Monday afternoon beginning at 1pm in room B207.

Buchanan says students can email if they have any questions.